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Casio V-R7000 Touch Screen Terminal                                                                                                                                  

Introducing the V-R7000 and V-R7100, retail business terminals equipped with 15.6-inch widescreen LCD. These terminals support a wide range of retail operations, from small shops to chain stores, and feature a stylish design suitable for installation in any location. Much more than simple cash registers, they are information terminals that innovate and transform retail management by delivering flexible scalability to expand the scope of retail businesses. 


CASIO V-R100 Touch Screen Terminal

The VR-100 is designed for use in a wide selection of retail environments including independent retail stores, multi-nationals, restaurants, educational establishments and offices, and works as both a standalone system or as part of a networked system. No interface cables are required and the VR-100 EPOS system is simply unpacked, powered-up and ready to use. The Casio VR-100 runs the Android platform on a smartly engineered, all-in-one hardware platform, designed for a wide selection of retail settings. This product release is an industry-first, revolutionizing the retailer, and making the EPOS a more versatile and sophisticated sales and business management tool.



CASIO QT-6100 Touch Screen Terminal

A supremely versatile graphical touch screen terminal with highly flexible on-board application software. Advanced ethernet networking, including wireless, shared check tracking in a sturdy, small footprint design.The QT-6100 is designed for both hospitality and retail outlets; such as bars, restaurants and convenience stores that require a quick, accurate operation. It features a 12.1 inch colour LC touch panel with a bright backlight enclosed in a robust case with a small footprint that fits perfectly into virtually any store.


CASIO QT-6600 Touch Screen Terminal

Stylish, Smart touch.

With 70 items on a single screen and multiple menu shifts available, simple operation is assured. Every item can be linked to a graphic image for further enhanced ease of use.

It has all the functionality of the QT-6100 plus;

- A wide, bright 15-inch colour LCD touch panel enabling more product buttons on a single screen.
- A built in 2x20 character rear customer display.




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